Portland • Hillsboro • Beaverton

Steffanie Fick

Realtor, NCREA, Express Offers Certified

     I’m Steffanie Fick, a 2nd generation Oregon State licensed real estate broker with a penchant for turning clients into friends. I’ve always enjoyed helping people, and ever since I can remember, most of my jobs have been in sales and teaching, something else I love. Real estate satisfies my natural tendencies, but being a broker is more than just helping people and closing deals. For me, it’s all about the relationship, and the best relationships are built on trust.

     To earn your trust, I will get to know you—what are your goals, what are your reasons for buying or selling, what matters most to you—and then I will work to put everything in place that will meet your real estate needs. And I’ll follow through on every promise and every opportunity to make your goals a reality! Whether it’s selling your home for top dollar or finding the perfect new home or finding and securing a new property for your business.

     I serve a large category of customers and have a long track record of happy clients. On the residential side of my business, I work with home buyers and sellers. A lot of my clients are empty-nesters looking to downsize. I find that a lot of my buyers are second-time home buyers.

      On the commercial side, I work with tenants on leasing, acquisition, and disposition of commercial real estate. I specialize in helping small businesses of 25 or fewer employees find retail space, second-generation restaurant space, or flex space, usually a combination of warehouse and office space.

     Of course, I enjoy closing a deal, but nothing beats the thrill of handing off the keys to the new owner. Seeing people’s excitement—starting a new stage in their lives or opening the next chapter of their business—brings me joy.

     I would love to hear from you and discover how I can help you accomplish your real estate goals!

Licenses and Credentials:
• Oregon State Licensed
• National Association of Realtors
• National Commercial Real Estate Association
• Express Offers Certification from EXP Realty


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